8 Steps to Create Your Mobile Strategy

The evolution of mobile computing has been a bullet-train ride to a future that many of us could not have foreseen. 

Believe it or not, there is a difference between a slap-dash, triage-style mobile solution; and one that has been pondered thoughtfully & developed strategically. And your consumer? They certainly know the difference.

Fortunately, you don’t have to “mobilize” your enterprise just for the sake of being on mobile. Our recipe for a mobile strategy consists of eight steps you can take right now to plan, prioritize and map out a roadmap that will result in true and lasting benefits.

Eight critical steps to secure your smartphone strategy:

  • Step 1.- Focus on value
  • Step 2.- Develop use cases
  • Step 3.- Target Distribution, Devices & User Personas
  • Step 4 .-Develop your app
  • Step 5 .- Understand Platform Considerations
  • Step 6 .- Assess Your In-House Development Skills & Budgets
  • Step 7 .- Ensure Your Consumer’s Security
  • Step 8.- Provide Maintenance & Support