AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

Simply executing a migration to cloud guarantees nothing. In fact, that approach can result in IT infrastructures that are more costly in the aftermath.

This case study is one example of the importance of managing and leveraging cloud investments in order to truly secure its' cost-saving benefits. Our goal was to improve and better allocate our client's Amazon Cloud Services.

The client had over 20 underutilized Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual machines and databases as a result of a cloud project being implemented by an inexperienced team. iTexico’s client was locked into a high fixed cost for a monthly service they weren’t using and determined it needed an experienced partner to perform a complete Cloud optimization assessment and right-sizing of the AWS Cloud services to lower costs.

What We Did

  • A virtual machines inventory assessment.
  • Cost analysis and effort estimate to determine costs vs. benefits.
  • Database migration to Lambda, and shared server migration to S3.

Explore the complete business case and outcome by downloading.