Extend your Software Development Teams to help drive your Innovation goals

The right talent to support digital transformation initiatives.

Innovation is accelerating in the United States at a faster rate than talent can be developed, creating the need for tech companies to seek out foreign talent and alternative, up-to-date solutions. Offshoring to lowest cost countries like India has been a traditional solution. There is another solution for agile firms in the Americas.

iTexico has built an IT services engine powered by talent in Mexico. Their own headquarters happens to be in Austin, Texas. Through their nearshoring PLUS model, iTexico extends unique benefits to their clients including IT teams with similar cultural norms within the same time zone, and with closer proximity to facilitate communication.

The nearshoring model developed by iTexico has benefited from ever-increasing numbers of talented IT students across Mexico who help provide state-of-the-art support.

Today digital transformation is starting to reach every corner of the enterprise.

For companies looking to innovate, why worry about building IT teams to ramp up and down with each new initiative, when a company like iTexico is doing this work every day, with resources that are state-of-the-art and less expensive than local IT talent?

It's an alternative to help accelerate the growth of your own firm across metros and borders.

Modernization often starts with departments such as Sales and Marketing seeking to gain competitive advantage, but other oft- overlooked functions, such as sourcing and procurement, can also help accelerate a business’s transformation while delivering departmental efficiencies and cost savings.*

Drive or adapt to disruptive changes by extending your Software Development Teams and digital competencies.

Businesses are looking to new technologies, the cloud, mobile devices, big data, and enterprise social tools to help achieve their business goals, and many IT teams believe that digital transformation helps underpin these objectives.*

  • Plug the skills gap and upskill your existing teams.- Not only boarding the necessary skills quickly, with a greatly reduced learning curve. is a benefit. Our experience in a variety of industries, and expertise in managing digital transformations for other enterprises will help your existing team become reenergized, promoting the upskilling of your existing IT workforce, and exposing your teams to new skills and perspectives.
  • Convenience.- At the core of our nearshore model is both proximity and accessibility. By having connected and shared borders with Mexico, our customers can have calls on the same time zone and easily travel to our development centers.
  • Extend your capabilities.-  Both capabilities and availability of talent and with our extended team approach clients can scale up or down without the long-term commitments.

 Explore our Software Services through our Competency Centers and leverage your digital capacity. 

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Are you ready for a digital transformation at your company? We here at iTexico would love to help with nearshore. Reach out today to see if our company – and our contracting team – can get you on the road to CIO rock stardom!  





Extracted from: NearShoring PLUS Model Pioneered by iTexico 20 Aug 2018 by Global Chamber Chicago * Digital -Business Transformation by modernizing procurement. Smart GEP. smartbygep.com