The Ultimate Guide For The Decision Maker

Selecting Software Development Providers

With Criteria from Gartner

What Gartner Says

Who's the top provider for software development outsourcing in a Nearshore Model?
There is actually no such thing according to Gartner! The top provider is in the "eye of the beholder," or the client. The most suitable service provider will be the one that meets the client's evaluation criteria, and the criteria will vary from case to case based on aligning values, business model, technical fit and needs for collaboration and teaming. Business-driven sourcing strategies must balance the benefits and risks of various options while service providers are challenged constantly with dynamic and disruptive market conditions within the outsourcing market.

Labor Pool Size and Quality

Labor Pool Size & Quality

Critical factor of a country’s value proposition while evaluating offshore and nearshore options for outsourcing.

Time Zone and Culture Affinity

Time Zone & Culture Affinity

Primary strategic business drivers for projects that require high interaction, constant collaboration, and real-time communication and information exchanges.


Ease of Doing Business

Ease of Doing Business

Ease or risk of doing business with Nearshore or Offshore vendors can be ranked by their English proficiency, cultural compatibility, communication tools, government support, and IP security and privacy laws.


Cost of Core Services

Cost of Core Services

A component of best practices for sourcing through vendors is to leverage the cost benefits and savings of Nearshore IT services. Taking into consideration the cost of labor, communications, managing remote teams, and facilities (infrastructure and real estate).

Availability of IT framework

 Availability of IT Framework 

 Maturity in the country's investments that fuels and enables the local IT industry.

Application services availability

Application Services Availability

Crucial service category which attainability must be taken into consideration before choosing Nearshore or Offshore vendors. 



Data privacy laws

Data Privacy & Protection Laws

Effective legislation relating to intellectual property
protection; data protection and privacy; and copyright, trademark and patent laws. 

Quality of references

Quality of References

Check, check, check!
Gartner encourages you to consult reliable and direct references for the established Nearshore outsourcers that align to your business and innovation goals.





Mexico as Nearshore Destination


What data is available from Nearshore software development services providers in Mexico to assist CIOs and IT leaders with fact-based decisions? Let's explore some data points and evaluate Nearshore options based on criteria from Gartner.



500,000 IT professionals

IT industry professionals. 


85,000 STEM graduates

STEM graduates per year.



1000s of tech companies

of tech companies in the ecosystem.



100s of tech universities

of technology universities and centers.


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1 shared border

shared U.S. border with CST time zone.

4 hour flights

hour-flight avg. from most U.S. cities.

5 easy access international airports

easy-access international airports.

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