How Product Mindset Can Save Your Sinking App

Get to know your customer better than you know the palm of your hand.
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No matter how good your app is, if you don’t clearly understand your users and give them a reason to stick around after downloading it, you’re going to be at a major competitive disadvantage in today’s rapidly-changing mobile world.

Through this guide, we want to give you, product owners, product managers, engineers, entrepreneurs and anybody looking to build great digital products, more insights into the importance of user-centric design and development and how to correctly achieve it.


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 App retention in the numbers
Chapter 3 The value of user-centered products
Chapter 4 Product-market fit use cases
Chapter 5 Identify better mobile solutions
Chapter 6 Get inside your customer's mind
Chapter 7 User experience best practices
Chapter 8 Final thoughts