Nearshore Innovation Myths & Realities

Companies that Choose to Partner with a Skilled, Nearshore+ Team of Software Development Better Tackle their Business Imperatives.

A Multidisciplinary Nearshore+ Software Development Team integrates, customizes, and aligns into your digital strategy and methodologies. If you are looking to create or put together a Development Team for your Innovation strategy, learn more about Improving's Nearshore+ model and dispel the next myths about Nearshore Innovation:

  • Nearshore VS. Offshore – It is all the same
  • Only India can do IT outsourcing
  • Nearshore is more expensive
  • IT talent in Mexico?
  • It is dangerous to do business in Mexico
  • 12-hour time zone difference helps with round-the-clock development
  • Any outsourcing implies compromise in quality

Download this infographic and build your team with iTexico.