NearshorePLUS VS Offshore

What's Your Best Option?

Get the Right Team at Right Time for the Right Cost in the Same Time Zone


iTexico is a NearshorePLUS Software Development Services Company based in Austin, TX, with delivery centers in Mexico. 

Our NearshorePLUS model helps you innovate better while reducing the risks, time and costs to launch your product or service to market. This delivery approach works just like offshoring, except that your business pairs with your extended team in a country that shares the same border and is closer in proximity than offshore options such as India, Ukraine, S. America, thus providing closer alignment in culture, communication and laws.






Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development








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1.Mobile Innovation Studio

•MobiApp Discovery

It’s time to think about the individual behind the device, Your mobile strategy is around the user, not the device. We can help you to respond to the market demands with a Human Centered Design

•MobiApp Development

Technology changes fast, but mobile apps change faster, making digital transformation not only challenging but immediate. Native or hybrid development? When building a dynamic and quality mobile application for your business, it is essential to consider the client or customer first.

•MobiApp Care

Making the app so intuitive the user uses it without even thinking about it is a sign of success. Reach a measurable, fairly consistent velocity of delivering features and a low rate of defects.


Discover iTexico Mobile Innovation Studio



•Prototype Center

We work with our clients to find the right intersection between what makes a digital product sustainable and aligned with the goals of your business (scope), what is desirable for the user (experience) and what is feasible to build within your timeline and budget (technology).

•Product Design Sprints

Get ready for the product definition and development stages. Quickly design, prototype and test new ideas in a matter of days. The quick path to digital transformation.

•Product Lifecycle Design & Development

We help our customers conceptualize, design, build, ship and maintain great software that responds to the changing needs of the market and the business.


Learn More About iTexico Design Studio 



Dynamic, evolving, and scalable backend teams transforming your business products.




iTexico offers a highly experienced team of back-end developers who deliver maintainable and scalable APIs that can easily be integrated, and by using agile methodologies such as Scrum we ensure that you product has continues and valuable releases.  



What are the best of breed technologies? Who are the thought leaders? What are the risks and pitfalls?

Our FullStack JavaScript Practice has the experience to help enterprises answer these questions and choose the right technologies. 



Operations and Development teams working together to optimize both, the productivity of developers, and the reliability of operations. 


Artificial Intelligence

Equipped with certified professionals in Jitterbit, the organization is ready to serve customers interested in tapping this technology.


Quality Assurance

From the planning stages through execution, iTexico’s engineers and software professionals are committed to a continuous improvement approach to testing and quality assurance that ensures your project is delivered exactly to spec.