The Top 7 Reasons Why Nobody Cares About Your Mobile App and What To Do About It

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Identify Mobile Opportunities / Human-Centered Design


Solve Hard Problems to Empathize with Users


Build Better User-Centered Products

Consumers are now Digitally Savvy and are demanding higher quality, more refined user experience, and more value. Arm yourself with the latest best practices to identify and build the right features to respond to these market needs. You’ll learn how to:
  • Identify Mobile Opportunities / Human-Centered Design
  • Solve Hard Problems to Empathize with Users
  • Build Better User-Centered Products


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                                    About the Speaker 


Lance-webinar-picLance Vaughn

Director of Mobile Practice at iTexico 



An award-winning software executive with 25+ years of product design, development and delivery experience. Lance has directed the efforts of hundreds of custom web and mobile products throughout his consulting career. His approach emphasizes a focus on quality, beauty, and empathy.

 Elevate your Mobile Strategy and meet modern demands with a user-centered product approach.